Sunday, September 4, 2011

Holy Crap

Unfortunately, the title of this post is exactly what is sounds like.  This morning bible class was going just as it typically does.  I'd actually gotten the kids up and out of the door with time to spare, so I swung by Starbucks on my way to kill some time and a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket.  I got Luke to bible class, then headed up to my own.  Evan still comes with me, and I was cradling her, trying to get her to sleep before we got going too much.  We had been sitting down for about 15 minutes when she decided it was time to poop.  It was a rank one, so I immediately went to change her in the nursery.  I got about half way to the door when I realized something was off. 

There was poop everywhere.


I my lap was a stinking mess.  It was dripping off my leg onto the floor.  Sara jumped up to help me clean up a little bit, and somehow she managed to get it on her shirt. The smell was the worst thing I'd ever encountered and Sara (who has been a little under the weather this week) had to run to the bathroom gagging, all the while calling behind her "I'm sorry I'm not a good person!"

Mind you, this is in front of about 15 of my peers. 

I could have died with embarrassment, but luckily we are all pretty close.  And all have had babies.  And have all dealt with some sort of blow out.  Except this was the mother of all blow outs.  And I was that mother's mother. 

All I could carry was a clean diaper and my car keys.  I made my way down to the nursery, stripped Evan down and bagged the clothes, then just carried her to the car in a (semi) clean diaper (it had managed to get poop all over the front of it too).  Even I was gagging as I changed her.  I ran home and threw my clothes and her's straight into the washer, put fresh outfits on us both, and went back to bible class.

I'm so glad I live three minutes from the church building. 

Yes, that little girl was all kinds of rank today.  Good thing she's so cute. 

This afternoon I took the kids swimming for one last time.

(I may or may not have had a vice grip on the top of his head to keep his face going towards the camera)

It was definitely a different experience than the rest of the summer had been- the water was cold!  Usually it's been pretty lukewarm.  But we had fun, and I'm glad I got to take them one last time. 

And yesterday I got their 3 month/3 year portraits done, but it seems the c.d. got left over at Mom's house, so those will have to come another day.


Carissa said...

Sorry about the blowout, but you look amazing!

Justine said...

Ha ha. Yup a few months ago my son had a blowout in a restaurant while I was wearing all white. I feel ya. You look awesome after two kids!