Friday, September 9, 2011

Soccer Practice

Oh dearie me.  I do believe I called this one.  I am a little over three years into this gig and sometimes I just say to myself "Nailed it."  I think we all know that Luke can be a little anti social, as evident here and here.  This was one of the reason's I was so hesitant to put him in soccer. But noooooo, Shae had to go around and talk to my mother and get them all riled up about it.  So here we are.

Guess who laid on the ground most of his first practice yelling "I want to take a nap!"

That kid.

I texted that picture to my friend, who's response was "Why is he looking at the camera like that?  It's like Children Of The Corn."  Or just a stubborn 3 year old who is good at refusing to do things.

Bless sweet Joby's heart, he tried so hard to get him involved.  Luke just wouldn't have any of it. Finally I got to the point where I told him "You have two choice: go be with the kids or get a spanking."  He made the right choice, but he sure did it as reluctantly as possible.  He is his daddy's child.  Mind you, I didn't specify that he had to participate. I'm not that naive to think I could actual make him do it, but at least he was in the general vicinity.  And I did praise him a lot for making such a good choice and staying with the kids. 

And I thanked my lucky stars it's a whole week before we have to do it again. 

Luckily this girl was still my sweet baby who was just happy to be held.

She is actually wearing a shirt that is sized 6-9 months and jeans that are sized 0-3.  Sister friend has quite the Buddha belly to cover up.  And obviously no cheeks.  That hang down to her chest.

Afterwards I took the kids to Arby's to eat, then home to bed.

As I was emailing those pictures from my phone, I found some from our sick day on Tuesday that I forgot to include 

Poor kid hasn't sat and watched cartoons in forever, but at least he had his appetite for breakfast.

When it was nap time I let Evan lay down with me.  Some how she managed to end up with her sweet little feet on me, and I just knew if I moved she would wake up.  So, darn, I just had to lay there the whole nap time too.

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