Sunday, September 25, 2011

She's a talker

So, on Wednesday I was told that my little lady is quite the talker.  Apparently when Cindy picked Evan up from the CBS nursery she was told that at one point all the other babies were sleeping except for my girl.  She was not only up, but talking so loudly that they were trying to shush her so she wouldn't wake the other babies. 

It seems that at 3.5 months Evan is already taking after her mother. 

On Thursday was another soccer practice.  There were still no tears, and I figured out that if I bribed him with fruit snacks he would stay close enough to the actual practice to look like he was doing something.  Things were looking good for his game on Saturday.

Friday night I once again spent the whole evening getting house work done, so that Saturday I could do as I pleased.  The plan worked out lovely.  Luke's game wasn't until 2, so I had the whole morning to spend with the kids.  I tried to get Luke down for a nap early so that he'd have something before his game, but he didn't end up falling asleep until 12:45 and we were supposed to be at the field by 1:30 for warm up.

Have you ever woken up a three year old way before it was time for him to get up to make him go somewhere he really doesn't want to be?

Let me save you the trouble.  It's not a pleasant experience. 

We showed up at exactly 2 and I sure did have a screaming boy in tow.  Mom, Dad, and Ashley were already there, so Ashley came over and helped me get him over to the field.  He didn't want to play.  He "just wants to watch de kids".  Oh man.  Finally we got some more fruit snacks out and bribed him that every time he got close to the ball he got a fruit snack.

You better believe that is him on the ground and me in the blue plaid running with a fruit snack.  People don't believe me when I say I don't think teams sports are our thing.  Photographic.  Proof. 

We also bribed him with ice cream during the game, and while the bribe wasn't quite as effective as we were hoping it would be, we were all hot and tired after the whole ordeal and headed to Braum's. 

He's been wanting a cone for awhile, I've always made him get a cup before.  Today I consented.  I think you can tell how that turned out. 

Early this morning, at 3:15 to be exact, I heard a "Mom?  Mom?  I coughin." with lots of the barky-croupy cough.  Not again.  Poor baby sounded like he was breathing through coffee stirrer and was so horse.  Needless to say, we skipped bible class this morning and small groups tonight, only going to service just in case he has something to spread.  I'm fairly certain this is how his allergies interact with his asthma, but you can never be to sure.  I picked him up some more allergy meds to start taking at night again, so hopefully this will be it. 

To end on a funny note, this morming both kids were sitting on my bed.  Luke had brought in some books, and he was "reading" to Evan.  It was so cute. 

Then he tried to negotiate with me.

"I want a cereal bar and Oreos for bress-fiss."
"We don't have Oreos for breakfast baby."
"Okay.  How bout 1 Oreo."
"How bout 2 Oreos."
"Okay, 3."

This kid thinks he has mad skills.

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Mandy said...

We're guilty of sometimes having oreos for breakfast :) Cute story! I love writing down the funny things my kids say, I figure when they are teenagers and screaming at me I will want to remember them when they were precious.