Thursday, May 14, 2009


Do you ever get that feeling like your life is right on the brink of a major over haul? I feel like mine is, and it is scary, exciting, exhausting, and stressful all at the same time. Tomorrow my baby gets tubes in his ears, and while I am confident that everything will go fine, I dread the thought of putting my perfect baby boy on a table while he's starving to breath in some gas that he could potentially have a reaction to. I can't wait for all of this ear business to be behind us! And then the next day Cody is leaving for a whole week, leaving me on full baby duty for 7 days. Yikes! I rely on him to do so much! I guess mostly the stress is coming from school drawing to a close. After three years of teaching, I have quit. All I've ever wanted to be was a teacher, and now for various reasons I'm not sure if my life will ever lead me back to the profession. Everyone keeps asking "What are you going to do?" .....*pause*.......I don't know. I.......don't.........know. I have absolutely no idea where my road is going. I have not a single clue how God is going to use me in the coming months and years. I almost feel like those floundering college kids you see who have to drop out or keep taking stupid courses because they have no clue which major to pick. Who am I kidding? I am that person, just 5 years later and with a degree. Does anyone have a better insight on my life than I do? I have full peace that God will take care of us and lead me by the hand the path He has already laid out for me, I just have to whisper to myself "Breath. You don't have to have all the answers right now." My extreme type-A personality drives me to have everything figured out and organized ridiculously far in advanced, and I know God doesn't give me the answers just so I will get frustrated and be forced to trust His process. Anyone on the same road? We can walk side by side as God takes us on the next adventure. Put your sunglasses on people and grab a snack, Jesus is about to take us places.

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The Raymond Family said...

I didn't know he was getting tubes! Good luck with it all and I'll say a little pray:)