Monday, May 4, 2009

First of all...

Dear Diary,

Maybe if I start out like this, I will be more successful than the actual diaries I've tried to keep in the past. Usually I start out strong and then two weeks later the diary goes down in a flame of glory. So, we'll see. Today I organized our bedroom closet. Wait- scratch that- I organized MY side of the bedroom closet. There is no way I'm touching Cody's side of the closet. He actually cleaned the top of his side last week, and it has inspired me to purge my side and organize it back the way it used to be (you know, all geeky-like where the colors are put together). The criteria for discarding an article of clothing was if I had not worn it since high school I had to throw it out. How sad is that? The worst part of all, is there is now quiet a nice pile on the bedroom floor of perfectly usable shirts that I will let sit there with the intention of taking them to Goodwill until I get so tired of looking at them I will throw everything away. *sigh* What's that saying about a paved road to somewhere?


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The Crowder Family said...

Everytime I clean out my closet I organize all my clothes by color just never lasts. Sigh.