Monday, May 18, 2009

Two liberations

Lately I have not been turning on my laptop in the living room, but have just used the desktop in the computer room to check email and facebook. I must say it's been oddly liberating not having the option of compulsively checking my various accounts every thirty seconds. I am actually down to once every hour or so! For me personally that is a huge accomplishment- I am one of those sad people that know the instant my inbox has received something or someone has updated their status. Sad really. All this empty time on my hands has got me to thinking. Why is it when we are feeling blue for a season of life, do we always forget about the things that make us smile? I heard one of my new favorite songs on Ellen today (yes, I DVR that show. I love it, okay!?) and I decided to get up and dance to it. I totally forgot how much I love to dance! It also kind of inspired me to do something about the flab I call a gut. There was also this beautiful super model on Ellen, which also may have had something to do with the inspiration. If she can look like that, why can't I? Oh yes, that's right.....I love to eat and don't get paid to workout. That's why. I did three crunches two days ago and was so proud of myself I ate two scoops of ice cream. Yummmm. It's this buttered pecan flavor I just got.

Anyway, back to the topic of odd liberation's, all the shows I enjoy are ending for the season and once again I have a slight release from the pressure of loving too many shows and not having enough time to really enjoy them all. Yes, I can DVR, and I do, but then once you have so many recorded shows you have to find time to watch them all. Why not just take the time when it comes on and be done with it? Hmm. It sounds like I need a break from t.v. and internet. Nah. That would be to easy.

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John said...

Sadly, with an iPhone there is never any release.

There are ducks at that big park on Briarhill and there are usually some at the pond behind the old Flower Mound swimming pool on Timber Creek.