Friday, May 8, 2009

I *heart* being creative

So today after Luke's appointment I went to Hobby Lobby to see what kind of John Deere scrap booking stuff there was to make my own invitations for his first birthday that's coming up (yikes! my baby!). I was sorely disappointed with the variety and thinking I was going to have to go home empty handed, which I hate to do from that store. Then I remembered the coasters I had previously mentioned! So since my baby was still being fabulous, I wandered over to the fabric section and of course I found some great stuff. I just love material! Anyway, I bought all the stuff and when I got home I began creating. See pictures below for before and after. :)

What else happened to me today? I got hysterically lost trying to get to Luke's appointment 2 minutes out of Lewisville and it took me 45 minutes to get there. It was not a pretty picture and I am just thanking my sweet Jesus that my husband still loves me after he had to pick up those pieces. Later, when I was picking up Luke's (hopefully last!) antibiotic, I saw a SWAT truck. On Kirkpatrick! I almost stopped and looked around for the movie cameras because I couldn't imagine there needing to be another reason for a SWAT truck in lowly little Flower Mound.

Just now I was trying to put said precious baby to bed and like a good mother I was holding him and walking to the kitchen to wash off a nasty pacifier before I put him to bed. Luke had left his sippy cup in the middle of the floor and OF COURSE my foot found it and we went flying across the room and banged into the wall- the whole time I was terrified we would go crashing down and the newspaper would read tomorrow "Mother kills baby by crushing him under falling body weight". Luckily I save the kid, but sacrificed my toe. Stay tuned tomorrow to see what the full extent of damage is. Right now it's just numb. :(

P.S.- The sky just turned a nasty shade of peachy grey. Very foreboding.

Coasters: before

Coasters: After

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