Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long day is over

You know that Norah Jones song- The Long is Over? That was totally today. It wasn't bad, just long after being gone all weekend. Our kindergarten performance was tonight, and my kiddos have been working really hard on it. They were so cute! But going back up to school two hours after you leave is not ideal when you have only the cutest baby in the world waiting on you! I did get a lot accomplished during my "down time" though- I got a new cell phone! I love it and I feel so.......professional? I don't know exactly to label the feeling but it's great! I also got supplies to make Luke's birthday invitations. Aaahhhh! I am no where near ready for my baby to turn one. :( Contrary to popular belief it is not cheaper to make your own invitations, but they will be MUCH cuter than the premade ones I had seen. But the biggest news of all, Cody maybe has an interview at a hospital! If he managed to score this job it would be a huge answered pray to replacing my paycheck when it piddles out in August. All I ask, no, all I BEG is that EVERYONE get down on their knees and petition our Father to bless us in this way. I am convinced that our financial situation will work out and we will be okay, and it is so exciting that this could be it. If it's not though, it's not the end of the world. The answer is still out there.

I didn't get to say much about our trip this weekend. It was fun and beautiful, and my darling son showed off his new trick a whole bunch. This video just about sums it up (and at the end of it I do a spin around so that you can see the beautiful river we were at!). *Edit* I tried to add the video last night and it took so long to upload I finally went to bed. This morning it said there was an error and it couldn't be processed. boo. Maybe I'll try again this afternoon to add it.

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Melanie said...

Oh, man. :( I wanted to see his new trick.