Sunday, May 17, 2009


Whelp, Cody left today. Apparently no amount of pouting can keep a boy from the highway when it is calling out. I know that this week will fly by, due to excessive busyness from school and Luke, but when you are at the front end staring down 5 long days of single parenthood and a job that's *sigh* seems like an eternity. And just so that this day doesn't seem too depressing, here's what I found my kid doing today while I was touching up my makeup before church. I come into the living room and at first I can't find him. I think to myself...."I KNOW I left him in here and all the exits are blocked off." Then I hear banging and I look in the dining room and all I see is:

So I call out "Luuuuuke, what are you doing?" (he was banging on the window at our neighbor's house, of course) and out pops this:

Silly little booger! Anyway, I'm pretty sure he was back there licking the window. It's the new thing to do. And before anyone comments, yes, I do put pants on my child. It's just that when we are at home the jeans don't usually go back on after a diaper change until we leave the house again. So when you see him pantsless like this you know that he's clean. :)

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