Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aye yi yiiiii

So, my quick clean up wasn't so quick today. My house was in much worse condition than what I had originally evaluated. It took me allllllll day to get my house back into presentable condition, and it didn't help that Luke's nap was 2 hours shorter than normal. Apparently even 13 month olds can feel and react to time crunches. So it was good that we had friends over tonight, other wise my house would have just gotten worse and worse and I wouldn't have even realized it. That and now I can wake up tomorrow and guilelessly sit around because I know my house work is all done.

We had a great time with our friends tonight! I don't know why we don't have people over more often. It was so nice to sit and visit forever, and not have the rush of someone waiting to turn over your table (plus I didn't have to wear shoes). We sat and talked until 10. On a school night! Well, I guess more of a work night. For them. Not me. Anyway, thanks for coming over Katy and Brandon!

Now on a totally different note, my sister gave me her Proactive face stuff last week to use, she is switching to something else. While the Proactive has taken care of my dire blackhead situation, a battle I have fought winlessly for years on my nose and chin, it's not doing anything for the actual pimple I have. Is it too soon to tell if it's not going to work? Don't tell me this is one of those things that has to get worse before it gets better. I already had to quit using my wrinkle cream because it made me break out. How wrong is that. I either have a wrinkle and no zits, or a slightly less noticeable wrinkle and several zits. Not a choice I should have to make. Anyway, I think I'm just going to wear a bee keepers hat and not worry about what I'm using on my face. Then no one will see the wrinkle, the zits, OR the blackheads. Problem solved.

This picture has nothing to do with my post, I just love it. It's his 6 month picture.

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