Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life is changing

Well, things are getting spiced up once again. My darling, my heart, my sweet angel boy has hit another milestone. Climbing. I know that my dearest love is 14 months tomorrow, so I've been blessed to only just now be dealing with it. Here is where he decided to eat his snack after nap time today.

Can we just look at all the facets of this picture? First of all, sitting on the floor to eat a mix of cheerios and goldfish just doesn't cut it any more. He has to eat them on the fire place. In order to get up there he has to put the cup up there first, then use all 4 limbs to climb the foot off the floor that is our fireplace, then get all situated before picking the cup back up to eat. Then there is Daisy. She practically smothers him to get at all the pieces that don't quite make it to his mouth. Finally there is the direction of his eyes. If you knew me personally and have been to my house, then you know what he is looking at. The TV. Does life get any better for a baby? A good snack, a good show, no clothes, and a new outlook on life (you know, a more elevated one).

OH. He's also walking.

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Lucy Marie said...

Ha ha ha! How cute. Watch out Mama, life's about to get a LOT busier! :D