Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bed head and more spaghetti

So, occasionally Luke wakes up with the worst bed head ever. This kid gets sweaty while he sleeps, and couple that with tossing and turning (I'm assuming) and WHOA NELLY you get quite a look. Here is an example of a couple of months ago:

And here is today:
But this smile tells me he doesn't care too much:

He had a good nap that I had to wake him up from- I'm trying not to let him sleep past 4 any more so that he is ready for bed at night. So mean! He had really worn himself out throwing fits at the mall playground today. Luke has this one really harsh mom that won't let him crawl out the front gate alone or play with other people's strollers. Oh the crying that was involved. Then tonight I made him eat the dreaded spaghetti again. This is how he told me how he felt, and this time there were actual tears involved:

It was awesome, and it took two washings in the bath to get all the food out of his hair and off of his face. I am determined that this kid will like spaghetti one day! The only way I could get any down him was to mix it with a diced plum, so that the noodle bits stuck to the fruit. Yum yum. Man, these make me realize how badly he needs a hair cut. All things considered, I think we've had better days. And for anyone keeping tally: Spaghetti-3 Luke-0


Insomniac Mummy said...

Awww! Loving the bedhead look. My son's is good but not a spectacular as yours.


Lucy Marie said...

That is quite the hair do. Love it, he is so cute.