Monday, August 24, 2009

Of course she would...

How is it possible that life seems busier as a stay at home mom than as a working mom? We have had something to do every day for the past week and a half, and it's not stopping anytime soon! Today was the first day of school, and for the first time in my life I was not a part of the hoopla. And you know what? It felt really good. Really natural. I would have LOVED to have spent the day on the couch, just because I can, but unfortunately I had an appointment for Luke. I took him to the developmental pediatrician because our regular pediatrician is concerned that he is delayed in a few areas of development, namely in the areas of language and social skills. The specialist today was very encouraging though- she thinks he is just a late bloomer rather than actually delayed! Praise Jesus for that!

Also today I had to take D Dog to the vet. *sigh* There was $125 I would have rather spent on something else. I even took her to the vet completely dirty. The girl hasn't had a bath in weeks, not to mention her condition the last few days. The vet wasn't exactly sure of what was wrong with her, but she got fluids for being slightly dehydrated and pills to help her colon. Also I was told that she should really stay indoors in a bathroom or somewhere with tile as opposed to outside because of the heat and how small she is. She HATES being pinned up in the kitchen and will cry and whine about it, but that's her new home right now. She even cowers when she sees me get out the baby gate.

I was watching TV just now before going to bed and I realized I hadn't heard her pathetically whimpering in a while. I crept over the baby gate and this is where I found her.

Those are actually clean clothes she is sleeping on. More specifically LUKE'S clean clothes that I hadn't put away yet. I guess that's what I get not putting her bed in with her and for leaving the laundry room door open. Anyone want to come an extra load of laundry for me?

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