Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peaceful Day

Today I finally got a day to slow down and enjoy being at home for a little while. I was supposed to have my consultation with the oral surgeon today at 2:00, but this morning they cancelled on me due to the dr. being sick. Woo hoo! That meant the only thing I had to do today was dinner with some friends tonight!

Melanie and David are a couple that we have known from college, and they had their little girl, Madison, three days after Luke arrived. They have been in town for the last month and we just finally got to hang out tonight. It was so fun! Plus Madison and Luke flirted with each other off and on, so that was fun too. ;)

Last week I thought I was possibly pregnant and while I was waiting for the results I had a chance to get past the freak-out and get excited. It turns out I wasn't, and while I am complete sold on the fact that this is not a good time for us, it didn't take away from the fact that I was disappointed about not getting to be pregnant again. So I've been trying to think of all the good things about not being knocked up.

-I don't have to tell my friends who are having trouble conceiving that I'm accidentally pregnant again. (I have two friends who want babies and are in my prayers, my heart is so heavy for them.)
-Cody and I are not stable enough to withstand another major change.
-I don't have to feel guilty, like it's all my fault.
-I wouldn't be able to pay for it.
-My insurance runs out next week.
-I'm not going to get fat.
-I don't have to drink water.
-I can continue to rely solely on coffee and Dr. Pepper to quench my thirst.
-I won't have to try and nurse due to the inability to afford formula.
-I don't have to go through the guest room and figure out where to put everything so the baby could have that room.
-I can have sushi whenever I want.
-I don't have to stress about whether I will be lucky enough to miss the stretch-mark boat again.
-In 8 months I'll still be able shave my legs.
-In 9 months I won't have to give birth.

Nope. A part of me is still disappointed. Just don't tell Cody.

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Lucy Marie said...

Ahh ... I know the feeling of being disappointed and relieved at the same time in this situation. When God's timing is right, you'll know :D