Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recap baby!

Here's a what's happened to Momma and Lukie over the last couple of days:
-Friday: Luke slept in until 10 (yes, be jealous, but it was a one time thing) and right when we got up I got a text from the girls that they were meeting at the mall for play time at 10:30. I hustled Luke through breakfast and managed to get out of the house by 10:45. Yes! But that meant Momma didn't get a shower, so I declared it hat day for the Carver family. If my teenage self had known I would show up to the mall basically having just rolled out of bed, I might have died of embarrassment. This is what a true momma looks like:

Notice the hand in mid air- it's my attempt to keep that finger out of his mouth whilst the shutter is clicking. The next picture is his absolute favorite thing to do while we're there. This, and try and take strange ladies cell phones. We have no stranger danger.

-Saturday: I took myself out to Ft. Worth to the Cabbage Rose fabric shop. Ohhhh, I was in heaven. I could have sat in that place and dreamed of all the things to make forever. I went in for two yards of vintage western fabric to decorate a denim bag for toys, but of course I saw some amazing things and came home with this instead:

The packet is a pattern for a bag. Eek! I've never used a pattern before, I generally just sit down and make stuff. But I spent about 5x what I meant to so this bag better turn out perfect. Good thing Cody doesn't read this, he might be a little upset. Mom is letting me borrow her sewing machine so hopefully in a week or so Luke will have a new bag to take toys to church or where ever in!

-Sunday: This morning I actually let Luke wear shorts to church. But he had a cute new brown oxford on, khaki shorts, and brown leather loafers, so I thought he looked super handsome. I wanted to get a picture, but I will next time. 10 minutes into the service I had a bad mommy moment where Luke took a tumble into the isle, made a loud THUNK on the floor with the back of his head, and immediately started screaming. I scooped him up and ran out the back door, horrified at what just happened. *sigh* Tonight was the going away party for a couple at church, who have sold everything to move to China and be missionaries for a year. They have a son that is a month younger than Luke, so he's sad his friend is going away. :( I did get a picture of us before we left though. Kelly always has such cute pictures of herself and her daughter, so I thought I better up the anti.

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Lucy Marie said...

Sounds like a great weekend and don't even worry about the moment at church ... that happens to everyone!