Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Biggest Thank You ever

I truly have some of the best friends a girl could ask for.  They have cooked me meals (which they have started back up last night to help me transition into this new schedule), taken me to dinner, loved on my kids, helped me find new child care, listened as I cried, found me a job, gushed over my baby, pretended to understand what the heck Luke was going on about, sent me the most sweet and encouraging words in every from of communication possible, PRAYED for me, shared their testimonies of how God worked in their marriages, and now this. 

Wednesday night Shae came over to bring back the table cloth she borrowed for the Scentsy party, and she handed me a card.  It was a "thinking of you" card with money the group had collected in secret.  It was too much.  Which is exactly what I said as I collapsed into tears.  I was so touched that it was all I could say.  I felt so unworthy of such generosity.  Shae just kept telling me that everyone just wanted to help me as much as they could through all of this, that this is what family did, and they loved me.

Cue more tears. 

Later I was contemplating it all, and the Spirit started whispering "See? You do matter.  Just because one person made you feel unloved and worthless doesn't mean that you are.  He doesn't define you.  I do." 

So all I can say is thank you.  Thank you to my friends, a true life group in every sense of the word, for being living example of God's grace and mercy.  i will never be able to say it enough.  And thank you to my God for placing these people in my life.  For knowing what the future would hold and providing for it before I had even an inkling of what would come in the future.  Today is (was?) our anniversary, and I know I can get through it with my head held high because of all the people in my life supporting it.


Carissa said...

This brought tears to my eyes! What an amazing group of friends that you have!

TX Mommy said...

I'm crying reading this Lindsey. What an amazing group of "family members" you have. You are truly an inspiration to me, god is great and you are awesome.

Lucy Marie said...

In tears. What a blessing. THIS is what church, community, fellowship, family is about. These people love you so much. So glad to know they are taking good care of you. THIS is what God intended for his church!

Sarah Smith said...

Tears streaming down my face....
I feel blessed just reading your story. It reminds me a little bit of what my mom went through. She became a single mom when I was 2. Graduated from a church school, no college, no work experience. And then one day she had to get a place and a job. And take care of a baby! I will tell you that she put herself through college and now is a VP of a bank. She fought and fought hard to show me as her child that no one takes away your spirit or your fire. She proved to the world, but most importantly to herself that she was worthy and was not alone, AND could provide a good life for her baby girl. She is my hero. She has taught me to rely on myself (aside from GOD) and not a man. I know you will have that same effect on your kids as well. I believe in your strength. Dont let any man make you feel not good enough or not worthy. You are worthy of everything!!!!!