Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Update

Is it bad that the last two post titles have had 'update'  in the title?  Hmmm.

And how cute is this girl?

I could just eat her up. 

Friday night we just hung out at home.  Ate leftovers for dinner.  Didn't do any cleaning or tidying.  Had all the lights out by 10. 

Saturday was significantly more eventful.  Evan slept until 3:00, then was up again at 6:00.  Luke was up at 7:15.  Yay me. We had plans at 10:30 to go swimming at my friend's house, and we had a great time.  Evan slept through the whole thing (even though I had put her swimsuit on her.  boo!) which allowed me to focus on Luke.  Well, as much as I could focus on him through the chatting.  Ha! 

We headed out at noon and I dropped Luke off at Mom and Dad's so he could nap there, and then went to the movies with Ashley and Dad.  Mom had a couple of Groupons to Studio Movie Grill and I was ready to see Harry Potter.  Ashley and Dad just came along for the ride.  Evan did too.  Is it bad that her first movie was Harry Potter, while Luke's was Momma Mia?  Couldn't be helped.  When we got there we ordered some lunch, then settled in to watch the fantasticness.  And fantastic it was.  I cried a lot.  Any surprise there?

I did get one surprise in the movie.  In the 'heaven' scene, a very quite, reflective scene, Evan decided to have her biggest blowout to date.  Ashley and I died laughing.  Everyone else let out a snicker too.  Way to ruin the mood girlfriend.  There was poop everywhere. On her, on my shorts, on my shirt.  There was 30 minutes left of the movie, but I was not about to leave and miss the end of only the best saga ever.  I've been obsessed with HP for years now.  Luckily it didn't bother her since she slept through the entire thing. 

After the movies I rounded up my (finally clean) kids and we went over to Shae and Joby's for the evening.  We ate pizza, watched the kids play, and I finally got to hang out with my friend and visit.  Working has really put a crimp in our hang out time.  Boo.  Since Luke had refused to sleep at Mom's, we were out of there by 8:30 to get home to bed.  Again, I had lights out by 10.  I'm really attempting to get more sleep!

Sunday there was this cuteness in the house.

While this little dress did have matching shoes, it did not have bloomers.  This momma was not about to let her girl go out in public with an exposed diaper, so I got to finally use her monogrammed bloomers.  Love them!

She was in such a good mood while I was taking her picture that I went a little snap happy.


But I'm gonna keep snapping as much as I can as long as she can't run away!  After church I spent the rest of the day cleaning house.  Ashley came over and we went to the store, made dinner, and made chocolate covered cookie dough balls.  My fun weekend passed way too quickly!  I think that's going to be my new mantra every Monday.

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Lucy Marie said...

The pics are SO SO cute. I saw HP this weekend, too. SO good right? I have never taken Eva to a movie and I guess now, I have to wait until she's actually old enoguh to watch one since she would definitely not sit still.