Monday, August 1, 2011

Two months

Sister Friend you are  two months old today!  I can't believe how big you are!  And Lady, I mean that literally.  Evan, you are one tall drink of water with the thighs and cheeks to match.  You have become quite the little social butterfly.  You have always loved to be held and let whoever can hear you know when you've been left alone too long.  But right at 6 weeks you started smiling.  It's the most beautiful little smile.  It's the first thing you do in the morning when you see me.  And that tongue in there?  Touch your forehead and trace down to your nose and your tongue comes out like clockwork.  Your little neck is getting stronger every day.  My little bobble head doll doesn't really bobble any more!

It's kinda amazing that your legs are as chunky as they are because they NEVER stop moving.   Ever!  It's hard for you to fall asleep sometimes because you just won't stop moving.  Although you prefer to fall asleep in someone's arms (you are the best little cuddler), about the only way to get you to sleep for longer than 10 seconds after putting you down is to swaddle you up and lay you down awake.  It may take a few times of going back and putting your paci in again, but eventually you fall asleep with minimal fussing.  You love that paci.  Love.  It. You also love the water.  When we take a shower you get real still and just let the water wash over you.  While we were in Oklahoma you took your first bath with me, and you loved it too.

Now that I'm working you only get to nurse about 4 times, and take 3 bottles of pumped milk during the day. After each feeding you burp like a 19 year old frat boy.  Seriously. Still wearing size 1 diaper (although I have the half size up ready and we might try that after this bag of diapers is gone) and size 3 month clothes (except for Gerber onesies, which you really need a size 6-9 month for the length).

Can I just tell you how much your brother loves you?!  One of the first things he says in the morning is "Where's baby Evan?" and when he finds you he says "There she is!" and usually gives you a kiss.  If  you are laying on the floor, he wants to lay with you.  If you are laying on the couch next to me or on me, he will come and play with your hands (clapping them for you) or tickle your feet or jiggle your legs around.  Sometimes he just walks by and gives you a kiss.  It just makes me love the two of you even more.

Evan, if you want to just freeze in time I'm okay with that.  I love having a baby.  And you are such a pleasure to have.  I'm just so sorry that I don't get to take care of you more myself anymore.  Your little cheeks are so sweet I just kiss them all the time!  I love you baby girl!


Lucy Marie said...

She is beautiful. Cannot believe its been two months. Savor it Momma.

Haley said...

I just read this while holding Colin and he got all super wiggly and happy when he saw, as I call her, his Texas Sister. She's gorgeous, Lindsey.