Monday, August 15, 2011

A post in Twitters

First, I would like to share Evan's birth announcement:

Didn't my girls do a fantastic job with my baby girl?  The pictures are from our newborn session with Taylor, and Jenn created  the card.  I LOVE it!

Today Lindsay finally convinced me to pick my twitter account back up.  I didn't get that into it when I first signed up for my account, but today it seems I've opened the flood gates:

-Note to self: Do not wear a low cut cami with the ultra granny full-coverage nursing bra. Not a pleasant combo when looking down.

-I would just like to say that I got my regular jeans up AND zipped this morning with minimal muffin top. It only took 11 weeks.

-My reward for drinking my whole 32oz cup of water is Sonic happy hour. Now do I want my special ice tea or a cherry vanilla coke?

-Getting a pedicure and the woman next to me just announced loudly on the phone that she was still getting the dead skin sanded off her feet.

-I just uttered the phrases 'burps come out of your mouth, toots come out of your bottom' and 'no, you took too long to spit'.

And then there were my facebook statuses:

-Just opened the chocolate bar I hid in my desk. I was hoping it would last me the week, but it's survival expectancy isn't looking so hot.
-Luke was begging to get in the car and drive over a train track, so I sat next to him on the couch and pretended to drive over a track by "steering" then jiggling him with the bump-bump of the track. He didn't buy it.
 Aren't you people  so lucky  to have one more way to hear all the crazies in my head?  You're welcome. But that will have to do for now, seeing as I have the sweetest baby asleep on my shoulder, a silly boy singing in bed, and a hot shower calling my name.

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