Sunday, August 21, 2011

Promotion Sunday

This morning was Promotion Sunday for all of the bible classes.  Okay, all the bible classes for people ages 18 and under.  I think I'm done with the promotion stuff. that I think about it, at some point I will have to promote from the "Young Families" class (aka, my small group) and we will all have to be in the 40's-something bible class.   Let's not think about that. 

All of the kids heading off to school were asked to bring their backpacks to service so they could go up on stage and have the "Back pack Blessing", which just meant all they would get prayed over to have a successful school year.  Since this is my boy's first go around for the school thing, this was the first time he got to take his brand new bag and head up to the stage with everyone else (all the way through high school!).  I think I may have been the only one with a camera taking pictures of this, but I really don't care.  I'm comfortable enough with my church family to be THAT mom.  I'm fairly certain not one person batted an eye (and our congregation has about  500 members).

(sorry these three at church are fuzzy, I had to crop way in so you could see him in the crowd)

Next to all the actual big kids, he looked so small, but by himself he looked like such a big boy to me!

He even bowed his head through (most) of the prayer at the end.

When did that kid stop being this baby?

 (Luke at 6 months)

Oh wait, I have this baby  now.

It was also his first time to go to Christian Soldier's, the program for kids 3-5th grade during church service.  Before he went I let him put his offering in the kid's collection bucket (also a first, since he has always sat with us, I've always just had him put it in the plate as it was passed), and the dude MADE CHANGE.  As in, he put in the dollar I gave him and he came back with coins in his hand.  I had Evan with me (it was time to nurse so I was going to drop him off before heading to the nursery) in one arm, her little bag of diapers and the nursing cover in the other arm, so I was a bit flustered with he came back with the change.  All I could think to do was hand it to a teen I know as I passed by him on our way out and told him to give it back.  Next time Luke and I will have a little talk about how we give everything thing to God, *ahem* don't take any of it back. 

As you can see, I finally let Evan wear her big flower this morning (I was testing the light in that picture, so I just held the camera out in front of us).  Let me tell you she was the belle of the ball this morning.  Ashley got off work and came straight to church in her scrubs and all she could do was laugh when she saw Evan.  Good thing E didn't know any better or her feelings might have been hurt.  Someone might need to go to sensitivity training one of these days. 

She begged me to let her wear her bracelet too, and I  consented, since I was wearing mine that is so similar.  Have I showed you what Mom got me? 

The Luke bracelet is what she gave me when I was in the hospital after having him, and last month she took it back to the lady who made it and had her add Evan to it.  So now it looks like two bracelets......

but it's actually just one!  After church and lunch we came home for nap time.  I laid down on my bed with Evan, and man did I have a hard time getting up.  After lazing around the entire afternoon I decided a bath would be a nice idea, but someone crashed it.

I tried to tell him what the word "privacy" means, but he took it as an invitation to sit on the floor and visit.  Eventually I realized we were going to have to eat dinner.  Evan had gone back to sleep, and Cody was at the house, so I left her there with him while I took my big boy to Fuzzy's for a quick bite and out to the park to run around before it got dark.  I let him wear his new tennis shoes and a pair of the shorts we got him for soccer.

Now that looks like a baby all grown up.

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Melanie said...

Oh my word, Luke looks so old! When did these babies grow up?

ps: Your previous post made me want donuts really bad! Stupid pregnancy hormones.