Friday, August 5, 2011

Update on child care

So it seems that working is going to effect my blogging in two ways.

1.  If I don't write something at work then I'm probably not going to be able to post, squeezing in one more thing in the evenings right now will throw me into an utterly overwhelmed state.  Trying to get all that I used to do during the day done in the three hours I have at night is a little baffling.

2.  Since I'm not with Luke, my main source of entertainment and writing material, I don't have much to write about.  Unless you want to know how many phone calls I answered on a particular day or what I ate for lunch.  For the record, yesterday it was 4 calls and Potbellies.  You're welcome.

I do want to write an up date about my child care situation.  Great news- I don't have to send them to day care!  No, I don't get to go back to being a stay at home mom.  Cody's mom doesn't work on Mondays, so she wanted to watch them on that day.  A lady from church, Cindy, has watched kid before, and I was really hoping she would take on my two littles.  She is a very loving and nurturing lady and I was thrilled when she said she could watch them on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Because she has a daughter in college that they go visit a lot and a son in high school that is in the band, she couldn't do Friday's since they are always going to one or the other.  Shae graciously stepped up and said I could bring the kids over on Friday's.  Ya'll, I cried.


Noticing a pattern here?  I'm such a crier. 

This also meant I could enroll Luke in the preschool at our church, in the class that Dakota and Zane will be in.  It's a Tuesday/Thursday class from 9-2 and Cindy will be able to take him and pick him up.  This also means that Luke will be with Dakota three days a week!  I am beyond excited that he gets to go here. 

I know this sounds like a lot of different directions for them to be going in, but Luke is already totally comfortable with Grandmother and Shae, and I know he will have no problem adjusting to Cindy.  Plus, I'm POSITIVE he will love school.  Just last night he was asking AGAIN to go to "bacation bible kool" (VBS) so I know he will enjoy his class.  I can't wait to see how it will positively influence his verbal and social skills.

I feel so much better about this situation.  Wednesday I swung by the day care to un-enroll them, and it was such a weight off knowing I wasn't putting them in there.  Not that it was a bad place at all, just not the right place for me.  I plan on taking a picture of Vicki, Cindy, and Shae (and his classroom in a few weeks when it starts) and creating a picture schedule that we can look at each night.  This way it will be a visual organization of where he is going to go, and he should be able to pick up the pattern and the routine quicker.  As for Evan, I know that all three of these ladies will love on her as much as she needs and even though it's a lot of change, Big Brother will always be with her and be a stable factor.

Prasie Jesus for one more answered prayer!


Alison said...

hi! it's alison (orozco) thompson, tara branch's lifetime friend! anyway, i've been reading your blog for a long time now because tara suggested it back when she was learning how to sew from you! you are incredibly creative! anyway, i just wanted to say that i have prayed for you, Luke, and Evan, and Cody so much, and I am just so blessed to see how much strength you've shown through these hard times. your kids are precious, and i couldn't just pass up leaving a comment today...PRAISE GOD for great babysitters and fun preschool classes! that is absolutely awesome! i feel like i can completely imagine the pain you had even just with the thought of leaving my kids after having been a stay-at-home momma. you are one strong woman, and i am so glad God has given you a new routine for your kids that you love ( least more than day care!).

Arrie said...

What awesome news! Griffin did a 2 day a week at LCS last year and LOVED it. We are going to 3 days a week this year so maybe I will see you up there sometime! Glad to hear your work and adjusting to your new routines is going well. Praying for you.