Saturday, August 27, 2011

Busy week

 (a sneak peek at some of the picture I got of Evan today.  I'll post the rest tomorrow or so, there are enough pictures in here for today)

This week was oddly busy.   Tuesday night was the RoughRiders game that I had helped organize for work.  We had a patio with BBQ and drinks, it was a lot of fun.

Ashley was my +1 since she loves the sports.   And it was fun just getting to hang out with her anyway.  We got some hats from the stadium, and I gave mine to Luke.

He loved it so much he slept with it that night.

Wednesdays are long days, I don't have time to go home between picking the kids up and when Wednesday Nite Bite starts.  Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled WNB is back, it just makes for a long day.  To get to work by 8, I have to leave the house by 7.  On Wednesday nights we don't get home from church until 8:15ish.  But it's okay.  I've started the new parenting class this week, so maybe that will make up for it, right?

(this was before work on Friday....Evan was laying on my bed when Luke woke up, and he said he wanted to cuddle with her.  This is his version of that. I actually said "Don't use your sister as a pillow")

By Thursday the house was not in great shape from things being so rushed lately.  My goal had been to get it picked up and the floors cleaned, then just have to clean the bathrooms on Friday night.  Well that just plain didn't happen.  It took so long on Thursday  to get the house tidy that nothing got actually clean.  
 (playing while I cooked)

So last night I buckled down and got it all done.  Floors, laundry, bathrooms, kitchen, the whole shebang.  By 10:30  I was done with everything and was able to pour a big glass of wine and sit in my clean tub.  Besides  having worked my bum off getting the house work done, I'd had an emotional day.  I took half a day from work so that I could take Luke to "Meet the Teacher" at his preschool.  My word, it's a real classroom.  Like, for real.  My sweet baby boy is going to school.  He's beyond excited, which makes me happy, but boy does it tug at the heart strings.  Tuesday will be a killer.

Oh, and when some joker saw Evan she commented that they had a  baby her size at home as well. I said "really! She's 12  weeks." and they said "oh, he's 6 months."  Thanks lady, for telling me again what a giant I have on my hands.

So today I'm very glad I worked hard last night.  I have been able to play with Luke all day.  We have played trains.  We went outside.  I cleaned out the garage (a very little bit).  I turned on the sprinkler for us since it was blazing hot and he didn't want to go inside. 

 (he is so bringing back this style)

We went to get gas for next week and Chick Fil A for lunch.  I figured we wouldn't be gone very long, so I wouldn't need to take anything for Evan.  Like a paci.  I could not have been more wrong.  My generally happy girl decided she just didn't want to be in the car and screamed  the entire time.  It was awful. 

Tonight Shae came over with the boys.  They played for while, then it was dinner at Whataburger.  Mmmm grease.  Now, if you are adding it up in your head, that would be four kids to two adults.  And we were quite the traveling circus you would imagine us to be.  The big boys were enjoying each other loudly.  Mikah didn't want to eat.  Evan hated her car seat.  The easiest thing to do was to just hold her, where she dozed  off like this.

I even caught a lady shaking her head at us as we corralled everyone out to the cars.  To which I wanted to say "Suck it lady- it's Whataburger and we are just trying to make it out alive."

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Lucy Marie said...

Let her shake her head all she wants ... suck it, indeed. I hope this week is a bit more quiet for you.