Monday, August 29, 2011

Evan close ups

I saw someone take pictures of their babe capturing all the little sweet things about their body.  I have learned from Luke that you forget so. much. stuff.  I barely remember him being a baby.  Luckily  I've got about a thousand pictures to remind me whenever I need it.  I wanted to do the same for Evan- get right in there and remember how small her hands and feet are, what the birth mark  under her ear  was like before it fades away, how her hair line is a v-shape  when she has her eyebrows  up.  I tired so hard to get a good picture, but she wouldn't stop moving.  At all.   After about 30 minutes I got frustrated and quit, but there were a handful of decent ones in the bunch.


Justine said...

Hey there...i am a new follower! beautiful babies! I love baby feet pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love the sweet pictures of a precious baby girl!

~Luke and Evan's nana~

Jaclyn_Rose said...

She is soo soo cute - I did that with my first as well (but they aren't nearly as nice as yours!)

There's something eerie - I had a daughter shortly after you, who also has a heart murmur (like your daughter) and has one of those strawberry birthmarks too!! But hers is near her temple.

Lucy Marie said...

So gorgeous!