Sunday, August 14, 2011

Luke's first sleep over

This week went by fairly smoothly.  Went to work, came home, played with my kids, in bed by 10:30.  This week Evan gave me her first real laugh.  Get this- she thinks it's hysterical when I change her clothes. Don't most babies hate that?  I get the biggest laughs every evening when I take her clothes off and put on her jammies.  She's smiling more frequently too, and at most people she meets.  Catch her right after she's woken up for a feeding and you will get the biggest smiles.

Luke did good with his second week away from me too.  He still wants to come with me in the mornings, but thankfully there has yet to be any tears from him.  And I don't think that will change.  This week he starts with his new babysitters and I think he will love them all.  Plus today we went and got his back pack for school (I really had to work at holding it together in Academy when he was trying on a couple of back packs- where did this little kid come from?  Don't I have two babies?)  I also got him some actual athletic shoes (his first pair) because- wait for it- Mom and I signed him up for soccer on Saturday.

Who am I?!?!

See, Shae signed up Dakota for soccer and told me I should sign Luke up too.  I think we are all aware that sports aren't quite my forte, so I was a little hesitant.  So that stinker went and told my mother that she signed up Dakota and Luke needed to get in too!  Once Ashley got wind of the ordeal, it was all over for me.  Mom and Ashley have been dying to sign him up for ages, so I didn't stand a chance.  Luke now has THREE pairs of athletic shorts (three more pairs than he's ever had), tennis shoes, a soccer ball, and I got a folding chair to take with me.

When.  Oh when, did I become a soccer mom.

Oh that's right.  On Saturday.

Anyway, there you have it.  Hysterical preschool soccer commentary coming soon to a blog near you.

I guess I should move on to the title of the post.  For lunch on Friday, Shae brought her boys up to eat with Joby, and they very graciously invited me along.  A couple of hours after she got home from lunch, she called Joby to say their air was out.  (Don't forget the heat index has been in excess of 110 for the past 30+ days)  I told him to tell her to pack the boys up and go to my house. By the time they got everything together and a trip to Sam's under their belt, it was time for dinner, so I tossed some spaghetti on the stove and we all had a nice meal around my table.  My house doesn't have enough beds to sleep an extra family comfortably, but my  mom's sure does.  In fact, she has enough beds to sleep my family AND the Raymond's comfortably.  And that's what we did.

I didn't want them to feel weird spending the night with my parents, so I threw some jammies in a bag for me and the kids and headed over there too.  We put Luke and Dakota in a room together, and that might have been the most fun Luke ever had.  Every 5 minutes an adult had to go up stairs and lay down one more rule than before.  Mostly because Luke was all hyped up and didn't know what to do about it.  He jumped on the bed.  He was told to keep his head on the pillow.  He talked.  He talked a lot.  Finally Dakota came down stairs (at 11) and said that Luke wouldn't stop talking about the trains.  HA!!  I finally had to lay down the law of no talking or moving and they eventually drifted off.

Evan and I were in another bed, while Shae and Joby had the third room with Mikah in the pack n play.  Shae and Mikah got up at 7, but the boys and I slept until 8.  Know why?  Because it was RAINING!  If you don't live around here, then you probably aren't aware of the drought.  It's been at least two months since we've had any kind of rain.  Add that to the ridiculous heat we've had, and just about everything is dead.  It was lovely.  They went home about 10 on Saturday morning (after a lovely doughnut breakfast curtsey of Dad) and thankfully the a/c repair man came very soon after that.  I'm so glad that we got to have that experience on Friday night.  It came at the perfect time too.  Thursday some things with Cody had caused some wounds to open back up, so by Friday night I was glad to have an excuse to get away for a little while. 

I think the only exciting thing this week is that the kids start with all the different babysitters, I'm interested to see how it goes!

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