Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Parenting Fails

First, I just have to say I actually wore heels to the office yesterday.

I got quite a bit of flack for having them on, but sometimes a girl just needs a fancy pair of shoes to make herself feel better.

When I got home I cooked my very first after-work meal.  It was tacos. 

I know.

Such a tricky meal.

I have to say though, that Luke really eats them better than most things I cook. 

This is his preschool-kid-lets-prevent-a-mess version by having all the items separate.  On his train plate.  It must be the train plate.  But who is surprised about that?  I actually used ground turkey instead of beef this time in an effort to make it a tad more healthy, and you know what?  I could barely tell a difference.  That was my parenting win for the night.

The fails came fast and furious though.  He wanted ketchup with his taco plate and at first I said no.  There was nothing on his plate that needed ketchup and I knew he would just end up eating it straight with a fork.  But after enough times of saying "I just try it peas." with a downcast face and puppy dog eyes I caved.  He dipped his tomatoes in the ketchup.  So does that count as him just eating straight ketchup? 

After dinner I wanted to take his library books back, but didn't want to take the time to go in and get new ones.  Of course when we were in the drive through putting them in the drop box he said "Let's get some new ones Mom!"  to which I replied "Let's get some ice cream!"  And we did.  Just heap shame coals on my head now please.  But in my defense, we have a million (literally) books at home for him to read.

By the time we got home it was way past when I had planned on getting him in the bath.  Plus The Closer was about to come on.  So I stuck him in the bath in the first commercial break, and washed him in the second break.  He put up such a fuss about not getting to play anymore that I "punished" him by not reading a story and just tucking him in bed instead. 

See?  Parenting fails by the minute last night.

Evan was around the whole time.  When I wasn't dealing with Brother I was holding my Sister. 

I just can't get enough of her!

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