Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another lesson learned

So today I learned a very important lesson: no matter how good the idea is, don't make something for someone as a gift for the first time. Let me explain.

My girlfriend has 3 little boys, and she is finally pregnant with a girl. Yay! When I got the invitation for her shower that is a week from today, I got to thinking of all the sweet girly things I could make her. I settled on a decorated bag (for toys or something, not really a diaper bag) and a matching monogrammed hooded towel. Have I ever made these things? No. There in lies the mistake.

I spent an entire afternoon last week just cutting and pinning the things together, and it took me all of this afternoon just to sew. Holy moly sholey. That sewing machine was very temperamental. Or maybe it was the user. The sewing machine was also 20+ years old. was the user........ It was just all around bleh. My idea was not realized quite like I wanted, and there are several boo boo's (lets just hope she doesn't look too closely!) but at least it was made from the heart. I'm posting a picture of it all, because I'm fairly certain that the expectant momma is not one of the 8 people who actually read this.

As you can see I also threw in a couple of paci holder's with the baby's name on it- I knew I could do those without screwing them up. You can't see the hood on the towel, but it's there all right, slightly over sized, but there none the less. I hope you like it all Christina!

On a completely different note, don't you hate dumb drivers? I was pulling into the grocery store parking lot this afternoon (after the crafting debacle) and the guy in front of me just stops. That's it. Just stops. No hazard lights, no wave around, no nothing. After a few agitated moments I huff and zip my awesome little dinged up '97 Protege around him and whip into a parking spot. I would really like to know what he was thinking. As I walked into the store I glanced back at him, still sitting there, and I think he was on the phone. *tsk tsk tsk*

I will leave you tonight with a fun picture of Luke. We went to a friend's baby's 1st birthday party this morning, and it was a carnival theme. There were lots of balloons, but I just tried to be brave and sit away from them. This is a picture of Luke in the ball pit, where he did nothing but throw the balls out. I finally had to remove him before he removed all the balls. The other little boy in the picture is the birthday boy!

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miss tiffany renee said...

your sewing adventure looks really good, especially for a first time project. not bad at all!

love you!