Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dirty kids

Why is it that babies are so hard to clean? I never know which part to wipe down first after a meal. If I wipe down the tray first, then one dirty hand is smearing food on the clean tray while I wipe the other hand. If I do the hands first, then the clean one goes into the dirty mouth or back on to the tray. If I start with his mouth, then the dirty hands go into the hair as protest. What's a girl to do? I'm convinced that every house should be equipped with one of those HASMAT shower things like you had in high school chemistry. Or better yet, you should just feed your kid in the tub, naked, and then you can turn on the shower in there. You're going to freak out about a wet paper towel coming at your face? Here. Have a cold shower instead. I kid though. I've just found that quick and 2nd wipe downs work just as well. And tonight I found another scenario to add to the mix: I get him all cleaned up, as well as the tray to the highchair. I take the tray away to get him down when he sees the food that has fallen into the lip of the bib. Before I can take the bib off he starts rooting around in there and eating all the things that escaped his lips the first time around. The way this child shovels food into his mouth and scours out crumbs to inhale, you would think I never feed him.

This is the most recent messy face picture I have. It's a couple of months old, but you get the general idea. Well, except for his birthday pictures. All that icing smeared all over his face is another good visual.

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Rachel said...

I was just thinking the very same thing as I tried to clean Wyatt up last night. There is just not easy way to do it- my favorite is when you pull them out of the high chair and all the food that got trapped in the seat falls on the floor. Thank goodness we have dog to "vacuum" up the mess :)