Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's official....

That I'm getting old. I bought my first......*wait for it*...........wrinkle cream today. I know, you may say "But she's only 26!" And to that I say "Have you seen my forehead lately?" I have two rather deep wrinkles on my forehead from constantly having my eyebrows up- occupational hazard from teaching public school. While consciously reminding myself periodically throughout the day to relax my forehead will help in future deepening of the wrinkles, it will not heal the damage that's been done. Hence the need for cream. Come on L'Oreal. Do your thing. The way I see it, if I start now maybe I can stimulate whatever skin regenerating stuff that is supposed to happen and it will get fixed and I will never again get wrinkles. Right? RIGHT?

Also today I let Luke have spaghetti for the first time. Cody had to work tonight, so I fixed some angel hair and sweet basil marinara for myself (since it doesn't have meat Cody doesn't count it as a meal so he won't eat it for dinner) and cut up a platefull for the Lukesters. Holy moly was cutting up that pasta a pain. I don't know when I'll be doing that again. Besides, he didn't seem that interested. He ate some of it, but then stopped and started yelling at me, so I got out a spoon and fed him some. Oddly enough, he would eat it off a spoon. So then I let him explore with the spoon and try to "feed" himself. I knew that that since this is the first time he's really used a spoon he would gag himself, but you would think after the first couple of times he would learn not to put the spoon back that far in. Nope. Not my son. After about the 10th time of me being frightened all that spaghetti would come back up, I took it away from him. I know, I'm a mean mommy.

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