Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just plain yum

So my friend Kristin posted this recipe for a Chocolate Chip Cheeseball Dip, and I had to give it a whirl. What hooked this non-cooker to venture out into something new? The fact that it only has two ingredients and all you do is stir them together. I can handle that. Well my friend, I topped your deliciousness with amazing super deliciousness with two words: fresh strawberries. Get ready to witness heaven in a bite.

If you ever get the chance to eat this, HOARD IT. Hoard it all to yourself. I'm not telling Cody what I've made. And when I reach 500 lbs. from snacking, you'll know why.

This is a picture I took the other day. For Luke's first birthday I bought a John Deere mat for everyone at the party to sign, it turned out really cute. I needed a great picture for the mat, so I took one with a couple of his birthday presents and the shirt he wore to the party. This riding car is now his favorite thing in the world, and my sister bought the hat. She is a huge sports fan, and Cody and I are NOT sports people AT ALL, so she felt it was her duty to let Luke have a baseball hat. I let him wear it when he's having a really bad hair day. Cause that's what hats are for, right?

I just like this picture of my boys. I developed it and taped it up in my bathroom. So handsome!


The Crowder Family said...

STRAWBERRIES?? This is practically a HEALTHY snack now! Ha! YUMM-O is all I have to say =)

The Crowder Family said...

And I love Luke in his one flip flop...too cute!

Melanie said...

Umm... that looks delicious! I will call you for a play date, for sure!