Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm home!

Luke and I got back from Abilene today at 1:30- which means we were gone EXACTLY 24 hours. I really didn't do that on purpose! Something I wasn't expecting was the subtle comfort that came over me being in Abilene. I love living here and having everything I could want so close, but there is just something about Abilene. I broke out my Kevin Fowler and Jason Boland and got back in touch with my country roots. That's right, sweet and sophisticated Lindsey has some deep country roots. Hello- I did pick John Deere for Luke's birthday theme! The shower last night was fun. There was lots of drama before hand (locked out of houses, wrecks, no water due to water main break to name a few) but we pulled it off and had a great time. Nick and Kendra got a lot of great stuff for their new house! I am bummed that I didn't get a single picture though. I was too busy with Mr. Explorer and being a hostess that I didn't get my camera out once. This morning before I left town I had to stop at McKay's Bakery. I bought $15 worth of treats to bring home!

Also, tonight at church there was a preacher from Australia. It just made me, once again, ache longingly for an accent of my own. If I could pick one for myself, I would pick a South African accent. Alas. Twill never be. So here's a picture of how fat Luke used to be. My sweet chunky monkey. His cheeks are slimmer now because I kissed them all off!

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