Monday, July 27, 2009

More boo boo's

So I just saw a T-Mobil commercial where a husband is star struck with Cathrine Zeta Jones and ends up saying he is "technically" married to his wife, who is sitting right there. It got me thinking...if Cody ever met a celebrity, I don't think he would get star struck at all. He's pretty cool like that. Then there was a Target commercial about a mom getting her son ready for college. It made me almost tear up, because, I don't want Luke to get ready for college. ;( But, ask me again in 17 years and I might have changed my mind.

Also, I made another boo boo today. I am going to be in a good friend of mine's wedding in September, and we the bridesmaids are throwing her a shower. It's in Abilene so Luke and I will have to stay the night. I THOUGHT it was Thursday, but then I got an email today from another bridesmaid and she was talking about how she was excited about tomorrow. WHAT. I ran to check the invitation and sure enough I miss read it and it's tomorrow. WHOOPS. So that meant I had to bust it today to get the presents I'm making for her finished. Since I'm pretty sure Kendra doesn't read this either, here are pictures of it....

This one says "made with love" at the top and "by the tapies" at the bottom with a fleur de lis on each side. It looks a little fuzzy in the picture, but that's cause I couldn't use the flash. Etching cookware is my new craft!

This one says "A Tapie Creation" at the top and two stars at the bottom. Everything is a little uneven cause I had to free hand it all.

And of course I had to make a set of coasters. Now, I did go in with the other girls on a hostess gift, but I just couldn't resist making her something! Also, it rained really hard today, it was so relaxing. Luke loved looking at it through the back door!

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