Sunday, July 26, 2009


Dear Society,
I have come up with a new rule for us. When you are going through a drive through, please limit the number of items to 4 or less. If you are ordering a 12 course meal or dinner for 20, please go inside. I too am hungry and have places to go. Yes, it is I, the lady behind you. This is just common courtesy. Thank you.
Lady with screaming baby huffing behind you.

p.s.- It took me 5 minutes, literally, to figure out how to spell courtesy. The "ou" is tricky business.

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Lucy Marie said...

Oh this drives me crazy! Here in Canada, everyone loves Tim Horton's coffee. It drives me nuts when I go through the Drive Through to grab a simple cup of coffee and the person in front of me is ordering 3 bowls of soup, 2 sandwiches, and a million bagels toasted with cream cheese!