Sunday, July 12, 2009

Going on a bear hunt...

Friday morning the fam and I left on a trip to Colorado City to see my cousin get married. I had meant to do all my cleaning and packing on Thursday, but I couldn't get motivated so I had to do all my packing Friday morning and didn't get anything cleaned. I didn't think putting off packing would be a big deal, usually it takes 30 minutes to get me and the baby packed up (Cody packs for himself- I've been banished from that years ago). Well, I don't have a baby anymore, I have a child with an entourage of things. Oiy vey. It took me 2 hours to pack. It used to be you just throw in a couple of bottles, a jar of formula, some bibs, outfits, and diapers and I was done. Now I need multiple outfits for each day (self feeding is slightly unpredictable with a one year old), sippy cups, bibs, shoes, bathing suit, floaties, toys, pack-n-play, diapers, baby shampoo, baby soap, comb, paci, lovey, and not to mention all the food that I ended up just buying there and not bothering to transport. Ey yi yiiiiii. It was a mess! I packed for me, then I packed for Luke, and Cody ended up having to take his own suit case because I filled ours up with Luke's things! We had a great time though, and the wedding was beautiful. The whole family was so excited to see Luke, and what mom doesn't love to show off such a cute kid? We got home today and I am wiped. I feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. I have been parked on the couch most of the evening, except for feeding and bathing Lukie. And, ug, now I have to unpack. I think I hate unpacking worse than I hate laundry. Maybe because there is always laundry involved with unpacking. Since I have no plans for tomorrow, I've put it off until then. It will just be Luke and I, because Cody starts his new job tomorrow! Say a little prayer that he enjoys it and catches on quickly to everything without being overwhelmed.

The great grand kids!

Doesn't Courtney look so pretty? Ashely was the maid of honor!

Trying to keep Luke happy with Cheerios. He likes to shove as many in his face as possible.

First time to go swimming in a lake! We let him keep the paci so he wouldn't drink the water. And he HATED the sand. It was so funny to watch him avoid touching it at all cost.

Oh, and a little update one the wrinkle cream- I've used it twice a day since Thursday and I don't think I see any differences. Thursday night right after I applied it I stood there and waited for the wrinkle to pop out. Apparently the cream doesn't work that way. When I woke up on Friday morning I thought that my forehead felt firmer, but then I realized my thumb was lightly resting against it and that's what I was feeling. I've also been applying it to my eyes just for the heck of it. I'll report back in two weeks and let you know if it actually works since that's how long the package says it takes.

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