Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crazy day

So today turned out totally different than I thought it would.  I thought Luke would get up when he normally does, 7:45, and he would go down for a nap when he normally does, 12:15, and would be up just in time for my 2:30 dentist appointment.  Oh no.  Not true. 

It all started at 5:30.  Luke chose this ungodly hour to start screaming, and Cody actually heard him first.  He was off the bed before I even realized what was going on.  He changed the boy, rocked him, and got him back to sleep.  It was so sweet!  Then at 7 he (Cody) got up, got ready for work, and left.

Kayden gets here about 7:45 and Luke is usually awoken by Daisy's super annoying YIP YIP YIP when they come to the door.  Grrrrr.  You would think by now she would know the routine, reconginze them through the window, and SHUT UP!  But no.  It's YIP YIP YIP every morning.  Except this morning when she YIP YIP YIPed there was no cry coming from the back room.  I shrugged and took Kayden back to bed with me thinking between the two of them someone would be crying withing 5 mintues.  When I woke up at 10:00 I almost panicked.  Obviously Kayden was still alive beside me, so I slid out of bed and ran down the hall convinced my baby had stopped breathing. 

Praise Jesus he hadn't.  He was still SLEEPING.  Was this a miracle?  I think so!  I thanked my Lord that he was still alive and I got to be blessed with sleeping later than I have in months and months, and got in the shower.  Of course right after I got out Luke woke up, but who cares!  I was friggen 10:15!

The only problem that all of this posed was the total annihilation of our usual routine.  And Momma likes her routine.  I was greatly concerned that Luke would not get a nap before my dentist appointment and would consequently melt down once we got there.  But in the mean time he got in lots of meddling. 

He decided to pull out lots of kitchen things from the silverware drawer:

and that my coffee needed a couple of straws and that we needed to eat more blueberries:

and that the trash bags looked better on the floor.

I counted 29 when I folded them back  up later.  29.

When the dentist appointment rolled around I loaded up the troops and headed out.  We got there at 2:30, right on time.  Except I then looked at my phone and realized my appointment was at 2, but it didn't matter because the appointment had never been put into the computer.  Oh well.  They were able to squeeze me in and 20 mintues later (yes, only 20 mintues!) we were on our way, complete with a new tooth and no melt downs.  Thank you Jesus!  I credit the Great I Am and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  He didn't want it at lunch time but was more than obliged to eat it there in his stroller. 

Then we went to the grocery store, and to Sonic for a happy hour celebratory Dr. Pepper, and then home where Luke was put to bed and promptly fell asleep. 

See?  Crazy day.  Not what was expected, but good.  And if you have made it to the end of this novel, I love you, who ever you are.

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Lucy Marie said...

Yikes! Crazy day indeed. But you survived!