Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bad Blogger

So, apparently August has been my month to really slack off on posting.  Sorry.  But mostly it's for your own good, not much has happened and if I did write something it would have been really boring. 

So, you're welcome.

Not that I've got that much to say now anyway.  Last night Cody and I went to dinner with some friends for her birthday.  It was at my favorite restaurant, so of course I loved it.  Friday during the day I hung out with a new friend (with Luke being a very good boy) and that night we were supposed to hang out with some other friends but that fell through, so we didn't.  See?  Riveting stuff.

I got totally caught up on all my orders (yay!) which means I can piddle around with some things for me, and to get my inventory up for a couple of craft shows in November.  One thing I'm going to have to make for myself are new coasters.  Again.  I really like to have them in sets of four, so it's been annoying to only have three the last few days, but I have been too lazy to move the couch aside to get the fourth because that's where I assumed it was.  Mmmmmmmmm, nope.  Luke brought his outside only car inside tonight (again.) and it's got a storage spot in the seat.  Guess where I found the coaster?  And now it looks like this because of the rain from the other day.

Isn't that gross?  And you can't tell from the picture, but it's also now concave.  I believe the trash will be it's new home.  But really it's okay, because I've got an idea of how to make some without the cork, using only fabric and felt.  Now the biggest decision will be what material to use.  Do I use the same fabric that I had (and that matches my favorite coffee mug?) or use my new favorite fabric which would switch it up a little bit.  Choices choices.  OR I could make one coaster to see how it goes, and then wait to make some using the fabric I'm gonna get to recover the couch pillows, then I'll have matching pillows and coasters. 

Oi.  See?  My life is so exciting.  Again, you're welcome for not having 4 days of this non-sense.  I'm sure you're looking at me like this right about now.

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Lucy Marie said...

His face says it all!