Monday, August 23, 2010

I am She-Man

This weekend was a very quiet weekend.  Very lazy.  I know that some people do their housecleaning on Saturday so that everything is nice for the coming week, but I have a different theory.  I like to let the house slide on the weekends, because after all, it's MY weekend too!  If I cleaned on the weekend too, then I would never get a break.  It creates nice living environments like this.

We watched the Harry Potter marathon on tv (even though we do own all the DVDs) and I was so proud of my boy sitting there and watching them.  I love love love HP and can't wait to share it with him some day. 

Plus, letting the house go on the weekends really helps to confirm in Cody's mind that all I do is sit around and do nothing. 

Oh yes, that's actually been said to my face on more than one occasion. 

If you would like to come over bearing torches and pitchforks, be my guest.

Anyway, if you've been reading for awhile, then you know that Mondays are typically my cleaning days.  Most of the time.  So today, I got on the ball.  This morning I watered the lawn, then took the boys on errands to the bank, Hobby Lobby (where I *gasp* didn't buy anything!), AT&T, and Target, then came home to eat lunch.   After that I did all the laundry, swept, Swiffered, mopped, vacuumed, cleaned both bathrooms, cooked dinner, and mowed the lawn.  Yes, I did every single one of those things while taking care of one or two boys. 

What all that DIDN'T leave time for was sewing.  Tomorrow my goal is to get one big order finished and the next one started.  Oh, plus I need to do the ironing since I did laundry today.  Goodness.  Is there ever a point where all chores are done and I'll have nothing to do? 

Something else I'm looking forward to tomorrow....a day that doesn't break 100!  Today supposedly was the hottest day of the summer (temps running anywhere from 107-110, depending on where you are in the metroplex, not sure what is was specifically for us) and tomorrow a "cold front" is coming in.  Ha!  A cold front indeed.  My poor air conditioner needs a break!  And one of these days I'd like to take my boy back  to the park.  I think one of the only good things about the heat being as bad as it's been, is that the mosquitoes have been kept in check.  I don't think I got one bite while I was mowing tonight. 

And now I'm going back to my tv and decaf coffee and cold chocolate chips.  That's how this momma likes to kick back and relax. 

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Lucy Marie said...

Sorry you're still feeling the heat. It's really cooled off here - you should come chill out with me!