Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'm super frustrated with blogger right now.  It's like it is stuck on last Thursday, and any new posts (whether from me or from anyone else) won't show up.  I know people have written blog posts since then, but I just can't see any of them!  Even my one from Sunday post isn't showing up.  Facebook is wonky on me too. I accidentally deleted the photo albums from the left side of my profile page, and now they won't come back.  So basically, I'm frustrated.  And if it wasn't for failbook and my incesent need to yammer on I might just give the whole interwebs thing up. 

But I'm addicted, so I can't.  Won't.  Same thing.

Tonight Luke and I had dinner with friends, and it was so nice to sit and visit.  All the kids were obsessed with playing in the big dog kennel.  It was awesome.  And now it's currently 9:00 and Luke's had a bath but has yet to get clothes on, so he's RUNNING around the house buck necked giggling with glee.  Is Cody waiting for me to remedy that situation?  Hmmmmmmm......

Anyway, yesterday the wild child started something new.  In his crazed "Brown Bear" book faze, he's started trying to do the rhythem without being able to say the words.  It comes out like "Inca, inca, what dalkjjsdlkfajejaoiewf mncvmdskjfoiaueroijwe"  As an extremely biased mother, it's pretty darn cute.  (fyi- Cody just came out and asked if he was still running around necked, yes, and is putting clothes on him.  whew.)

So I think that's all I really have to talk about.  I am just dying for Christmas to get here, not that we can afford it, but I'm totally ready for my tree, and cool weather, and the festive spirit.  Cody vetoed the idea of putting up the Chirstmas tree now though.  Bah humbug. 

Okay, now he's running circles with jammies on.  Apparently I'm still on Mom duty, which means I gotta put him to bed.  Maybe one day I'll have something interesting to talk about again.


Anonymous said...

I can see your Sunday blog. :) What a sweet jabbering big boy. Love him!

~Luke's Nana~

Lucy Marie said...

How annoying that blogger is causing those problems for you. Grr!

I'm excited for Christmas, too ..but let's enjoy some leaves and scarecrows first :)