Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gross boy

I've got a little habit that has always horrified my mother. 

I'm not that great about washing Luke's hands. 

In fact, they pretty much just get washed at bath time.  But in my defense, we don't have a set lunch or dinner time, I just set food out and he grazes a lot, so there really isn't a decent time to do it.  Well, when we get home from errands would probably be a good idea.  I just typically forget.  Sorry.

But tonight I'm hoping that all those extra germs that he's encountered comes in handy.  Tonight after church my friends and I took our kids to Brahms for ice cream.  Okay, mostly to visit more, but the ice cream was a nice bonus.  At one point Luke was obsessivly pushing a high chair around the store, and I don't remember what I said, but I told him something and he was mad about it.  What does he do when he's mad/frustrated/sad/anything but happy?  Why throw himself on the floor of course.  And normally I'm okay with it.  My friends are all beyond used to his tantrums, and the various other people around just get a meek smile and apology from me.  They'll get over it.

Tonight was slightly different though.  Tonight I realized when he was face down on the nasty sticky floor, that his mouth was open.  That's right, he was LICKING the floor.  I wanna gag just thinking about it.  There was a wet spot left behind on the tile when I picked him up.  So see, a good imune system would come in really handy right now.  Otherwise over  the next few days you are going to have to listen to me lament and whine about the perils of having a sick kid. 

Other than that it was a very nice day.  I took him to the pool for the last time this summer.  It closes on Friday.  :(  We stayed so long that HE was telling ME it was time to go.   I don't think he got the concept of 'last time'.  And I made an excellent dinner of hamburgers and made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies.  I like to call that our first dessert of the evening.  Second dessert was the peppermint ice cream.  Third dessert was a buffet of bacteria and viruses thriving on a filthy floor.