Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Whining works

So yesterday I was complaining about the heat, and it totally worked.  Today was over cast, cooler (temps in the upper 90's I believe) and it actually rained a little!  There is a bush in our front yard that I have never watered the 3+ years we have lived here, and it's wilting.  Have you ever seen a giant bush wilt?  There's a first for everything. 

But ei ey yi.   The rolling clouds brought on some rolling temperaments.  Both Luke and Kayden had trouble keeping it together, and it seems like there was always someone fussing.  About something.  Who knows.  Luke even got to play outside today, and he was still fussing. 

Oh.  About outside.  I can't believe I forgot to mention this yesterday.  My saving grace that I call "the back door dead bolt" is gone.  Luke is now tall enough to reach it, and his new favorite thing to do is unlock it anytime he wants to go outside.  Like this morning at 6:15.  It also means that he is tall enough to work the latch on the gate.  Because whats the fun in just leaving the house whenever you want, when you can leave the yard and venture into the whole wide world?  It was a lovely parenting moment this morning when Cody was shouting through the window of our room (which is 3 feet from said gate) "No!  Don't you go out there!  Shut it!  Shut it!  Get back in the yard!" as I throw on shoes to run and get him.  Nothing like flip flops and a satin nightie as people drive by on their way to work.  Such is my life.

Amidst all of the out door play, safety lessons, and screaming, I did manage to get the sewing done that I wanted too.  I got the big order of a towel, two burp cloths and two onesies done, and the appliques for the next order cut/photographed/sent out for approval.  Whew!  Tomorrow I need to finish it up pending approval (it's a new design, so I want to make sure it's what she wants) and then go get some fabric for my next order.  What a blessing to be so busy with all of this sewing!

Sunday morning I got Cody out of bed to take Luke and my picture, because I love the new little dress I was wearing.  Plus I've got the cutest kid ever and that deserves to be photographed too.  ;)

(Messing with editing settings.  Look at me getting all fancy.  Ha!)

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Lucy Marie said...

That last pic of Luke is insanley cute!