Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nothing accomplished

This afternoon I got pretty much nothing done that I needed to.  Tomorrow is Kayden's first day back for the new school year, and I wanted to be on top of things in case he's super needy and we spend the whole day rocking.  The ONLY thing I got done was my last towel, so my big order is finally done!  Hip hip hurray!

Real quick: I was cutting up an apple for snack today, and I found a seed that looked like this.

Is it supposed to start growing inside of itself like that?  We ate it anyway.
So what DID I do today instead of, you know, iron, clean up, scrub the floors, water the lawn?  After church I sat on my arse and blog hopped.  I never do that, but for some reason I just couldn't tear myself  away from the pretty colors.  I played with the camera.  Luke and I went on a walk around the block (poor kid was sweating buckets three houses down.  And it was already 6:30!).  Ashley came over and the three of us went to Tappy's for more delicious yogurt..  We drove around to different apartment complexes to see which ones looked nice enough to actually check into for her eventual new home.  That's right.  We totally judged the book by it's cover.  And that's about it. 

So whilst I was playing around with the camera, I got some fun videos of Luke pretending to be at the door, knocking and then "coming" in.  I won't bore you with those.  But then he got interested in the little screen on the back of the camera.  This generation is so spoiled with their instant gratification cameras.  Back when I was a little girl we had to wait a week to see how our pictures turned out.  Ha!  How in the world did our parents get photos of us actually smiling?  Sometimes it takes 10 or 11 clicks to get a decent picture of Luke, and let me tell you, if it was film I would not be wasting that many pictures. 

ANYWAY, back to today, after he realized that our little faces showed up on the back of the camera he kept wanting to see more.  Except, he hate Hate HATES getting his picture taken.  I think we've talked about that before.  I think it's the flash.  And since I was taking these pictures a little closer than normal, the flash was a little too close for comfort. 

It led to pictures like this.

And this. 

I promise I don't let my 2 year old get high.  Finally I just lost the kid.  ;)


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Liam's Mom said...

We have tons of "how high?" pics of Liam. It's definitely the red-eye flash with him.