Thursday, August 12, 2010

Run down of today

This morning I opened  the browser up to the "composed" page and kept it open, jotting down what was going on throughout the day so I wouldn't forget.  This would be a typical day for me.  And it's all true.

-Woke up to Luke using my Ped-egg on his foot

-Picked up the abysmal mess of the kitchen and living room before breakfast.  At 8.

-Ate a breakfast of a cereal bar, chocolate chip cookies, and 2 cups of coffee

-While catching up on the internet I got my back scratched with the vacuum cleaner hose (he's still obsessed)

-Annoyed my child by putting a pillow case over his head.

"Why did you do that Momma?"

-Caught said child shutting my bedroom door very guiltily.  When I asked what he did he shook his head no and pointed to the dog.  That's never good.

-Played tickle monster and marveled at how raising and lowering the bamboo blinds can be hysterical to a 2 year old.

-Battled sever feelings of not wanting to do anything.  Must....finish.......laundry.  Can't.....sit here.......forever.

-Got to the store, now at least my teeth can be clean.  Had lunch at Mom's, where I washed Luke's hands.

-I vacuumed this afternoon.  Luke ran screaming from the room.  I vacuumed out the couch.  When I went to attach the hose (NOT the one he's been playing with), I found a petrified lizard stuck in there.  What?  This is one of those reasons why I just never know which way my day is going to go.  The pen cap must have gotten sucked up along with him, so I'm guessing this little lizard was hiding under the couch or under the fridge when he got sucked to his death.  What a way to go.

-While I was changing the sheets in our room, Luke decided it was a good idea to spin around and around in circles.  Then he dizzily stumbled into the our bathroom where he fell over and his head met the cabinet door.  No blood, but the screams where loud.  We rocked for awhile and he was finally soothed by a call to Daddy.  He kept moaning Daaaaaddy Daaaaaddy while holding his hand to his ear, so I took that as "I want to call Daddy."  I should be a true toddler interpreter.

(this picture is actually from when I was vacuuming.  He got a hold of the toothpaste box,
and when I asked him to go put it back, he got a little upset.  He didn't wanna.)

-As I was washing some dishes before dinner I turned around and Luke's arm was in the trash can and after a quick inventory of the fridge decor I realized a yellow clip is missing.  I gingerly poked around in the top of the can, seeing as I had just scraped a whole bunch of hamburger grease into there, and I couldn't find it.  Bummer.  Then I turned around and it was on the table.  Double bummer.

-Dinner was steak, green beans, and rice.  Cody only ate the steak.  Luke only ate the steak.  Like father like son.

-After dinner Ashley came over and we watched the finale of So You Think You Can Dance.  Luke came in and out, but at one point he walked up to Daisy and kissed her on the bum.  *sigh*

-But finally it was bath time and bedtime.  Luke loves reading stories at bed time, and he always makes sure that we say our prayers, then runs around giving night night kisses to everyone.  I have such a sweet sweet boy.


Lucy Marie said...

Question: was that a toy lizard or a real, dead lizard?

Also - it's telling me my comment has been saved and will be visibl after blog owner approval but I did not leave a comment yet, so if you get some randomness from me, please ignore.

Liam's Mom said...

My hubby once queried, "Why didn't this thing [ped-egg] get sold as the 'pedi-file'? . . . .ummmm, nevermind."