Thursday, August 26, 2010

Growing up

I think one of my very favorite things about having Luke is just watching the little wheels in his mind turn.  Now, being a school teacher I've been able to watch kids over and over again discover the world.  But when it's your own baby, this little person you've been with from the very beginning, it's totally different. 

While he still doesn't verbally communicate like typical kids his age do, I definitely can tell what he is trying to say through his own little creative language.  The kid LOVES to talk on the phone, which he lets me know by holding his hand over his ear and babbling very quickly,  throwing in the all the family names that he can say.  I know when he wants to play outside when he starts talking and throwing in growling noises and pointing to the back door (as in, the sound that the lawn mower makes, or the airplane outside). 

We read this stack of books EVERY DAY several times.  Usually all before 10:00 AM.  Like today.

He always wants to use some type of silverware when he eats, but a lot of times it just doesn't work (like when he gets a baby spoon to use for his blueberries).  It cracks me up to watch him with a bite of food in one hand, the utensil in the other hand, just looking back and forth between the two like "what do I do?"  It almost always ends up with him holding the food onto the utensil and cramming it all in his mouth at once.  if my cup is close to his cup, he likes to "cheers" and clink them together.  Where does he get this stuff?

Today while the boys played I fiddled with my camera and settings some more.  Enjoy!

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Lucy Marie said...

I can't wait (well I can - I don't want the time to pass too quickly) for my babe to discover all of these things. I think that is our joy as mothers :)