Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Luke's new tricks

So over the last few days Luke has learned some new things.  He got very proficient in "Papa" this weekend while we were gone, seeing as Dad was his go-to guy to do whatever he wanted.  Go play on a train in the blazing heat?  Papa's your man.  Wanna snack on everything within reach?  Papa will let you.  It was cute though, he doesn't quite have Pa-pa down, it comes out something like "Ba-ba"  But you can tell who he's talking about.  Oh, and the burping he's developed over  the weekend.  That kid can belch like his mother.  ;)

Another thing Luke has started is playing with the vacuum cleaner.  He'll push/pull it around the house for hours.  Which is funny because he's scared to death of it when it's running.  If he can get ahold of the rolling suitcase he'll pull that around too.  Cody came into the kitchen tonight while I was cooking dinner (did you catch that?  Yes, I cooked, and it got a "good dinner tonight, babe" too!) pulling the big suitcase I just unpacked.   He stopped and said "look Mom!" while unzipping it.  Lo and behold, out pops a Luke! 

After dinner I was relaxing on the couch when Cody and Luke came back into the living room.  Luke then proceeded to show me the new trick Daddy just taught him.  The wonderful trick of putting the crook of your arm up to your lips and blowing.  Blowing a big, wet raspberry.  Oh the giggles.  It really did warm my heart though, seeing my two boys being......boys.  Father teaching son such a boy thing.  I hope there are many more.

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