Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sick sick sick

Ug.  August is not turning out to be a great month.  First there was my grandmother.  Then there was this week. 

Tuesday afternoon Luke and I both got hit with a major stomach bug.  Major.  It started with the boy.  He woke up from his nap crying and holding his tummy, then proceeded to get sick everywhere.  That continued about every 45 minutes for the next 6 hours.  The whole time my tummy was really hurting, but I was holding it together.  When Cody got home I totally fell apart, and ended up sitting in the bathroom bawling.  I would say "drama queen?"  but hey, I had a tummy ache.  We put him to bed about 8 and the poor thing just couldn't sleep.  I got in bed then too, seeing as I was coming down with some severe aches as well as a mounting tummy problem.  Every hour he would wander out of his room and into my room and lay on the floor at the foot of the bed.  At one point Cody found him laying on the floor. 

Finally at 1:00 in the morning Cody made the executive decision that Luke would stay in bed with me and he would sleep in the guest room.  So my baby and I tossed and turned together.  We visited a little bit, we rolled around a little bit, and he finally dozed a little bit.  About 3 I got up to try and stretch my legs, it was the same hip/leg ache that I had when I was super pregnant, and that's when I finally got sick.  My tummy felt better but my legs still hurt.  Luke was awake again so by 4:00 I said screw it and we got up and went to watch some tv.  That was....interesting.  A little after 5 I put him back in his own bed and took a shower, then finally was able to sleep.  Until 7:30 when Kayden came.  Did you know that he came back this week?  Oh yeah.

Luke got up shortly after that, and the poor baby was starving.  I don't think I've ever felt more helpless and crushed than when my baby boy desperatly wanted food and I wouldn't/couldn't give it to him.  I knew that he couldn't handle it, but he didn't.  And I wanted to cry.  It had been 24 hours since he'd had food and so I thought maybe the puking had passed and a little dry toast would be okay.  Wrong.  I finally called the pediatrician and got some anti vomiting medicine for him.  I was okay, but terrified to eat.  I had barely even sipped anything, so I knew that my achenes was contributed to dehydration also.   Yesterday went okay, I took a very long nap when the boys went down, and last night I slept SUPER hard.  In the middle of the bed.  Sorry honey!  But I woke up refreshed and totally better.  Except still dehydrated.  So I've downed a bottle of Gatorade. 

I've also been busy trying to catch up!  I had one order to get in the mail, one order to get started one, and three orders waiting their turn.  Yikes!  But what a blessing!  I could also tell that Luke is feeling back to himself, complete with a lively round of king of the mountain on the couch and chasing the dog around.  Sorry if this was a little too much information.  I document my life, and unfortunately this has been it the last few days!  Cheerier days tomorrow, k?


Liam's Mom said...

Ooooooh so sorry Lindsey. Have you considered that maybe it was those salmonella eggs?

Lucy Marie said...

So sorry you are feeling that way. I hope everyones back to normal today.