Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still knows how to party

First of all, there are a couple of things I forgot yesterday to mention-

#1- Luke tried to unscrew the screws on the door frame with my knitting needle.  FYI it doesn't work.

#2- While I was brushing my hair in the bathroom yesterday, Luke and Daisy walked in.  They brought with them a very strong odor of poop, and it smelled just like when Daisy has an accident.  So of course I yell at her, chase her under the bed, and commence to looking for it. Except I couldn't find any poop anywhere.  That's when I realized it was Luke.  My bad.

#3- As I was putting off dinner last night, Luke decided he wanted to drink from my glass, but there wasn't any water left.  He tried to pour water from his sippy cup into the regular glass, but it didn't work.  So he held it upside down and shook it.  Still didn't work.  (Gotta love spill proof sippy cups!)  That's when the bright ideas really started coming to him.  He took a big swig from his sippy cup, then BENT OVER the drinking glass, SPIT THE WATER OUT into it, then DRANK it again.  Like 5 or 6 times.  Half the time he didn't manage to spit just right, and the mouthful of water ended up on his shirt.  Or the coffee table.  Either way the whole thing was ew.  But then he tried to offer me some of his spit water.  While I was very proud of my boy for thinking of sharing all by himself......ummmm......double ew. 

Now on to today.  

Today we went to a birthday party.  And once again my little darling proved to be the odd man out. 

He pushed a pink stroller when everyone else was eating cake.

He played on the tricycle when everyone else was in the play room.

He ate his cupcake straight from the table.

One thing that was the same as the other kids?  His precious face after all that icing. 

Couldn't you just kiss it all off?

When we got home we mostly lazed  around the house.  I worked a little on an order, and then piddled around with some fabric.  I made Luke a cup-wrap, since a majority of our friends all have the same sippy cup. 

Sippy cup mix up no more!  We'll see if it's very practical over the next few days.  I didn't do the best job constructing it, why put a ton of effort into something that might not last?  At first Luke would have nothing to do with it on his cup, but eventually he got thirsty enough.  The real test will be nursery time at church tomorrow!


Lori@Paisley Passions said...

Cute blog!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. I have a Luke too. He is my youngest. Oh the adventures we have had :) I am now following back.


Lucy Marie said...

Love the sippy cup holder. I can't wait to hear if it works out.