Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The park and bible-in-a-year

This morning Niki and I took the kiddos to the park.  Well, we tried to take them to the park.  We lasted all of 30 minutes before it started sprinkling, and Kayden did NOT like getting wet.  At all.  Plus it was hot hot hot.  I did take my camera though, so I could practice getting in action shots.  One of these days when it cools down to a temperature less than Hades I want to dress Luke up, take him somewhere, and *fingers crossed* get some good pictures of him.  I think the hardest part of getting a good picture of Luke is getting him to face the camera.  Even a little bit.  The only reason I got this gem

is because he LOVES the swing and he's kinda forced to face one direction.  Other than that I got a lot of back-of-the-head-shots

or not-so-action shots.

Unless it's the swing, he wasn't to thrilled about the park.  I think this testifies to how hot it was.

He also had some wicked bed head  again this morning.

I got some other pictures with his "why are you taking my picture again" face, but I feel I've reached my limit on pictures for this one entry. 

This afternoon I finally finished reading the bible in a year thing.  Oi.  That was not an easy thing to do, which I feel terrible about.  I can stay up reading a book or magazine for toooooooooooo long, but trying to get through the whole bible was *Lord don't strike me down* kind of a beating.  Now, I love doing a bible study each day, and I really can see the difference over the last couple of years with having a more Christ centered life, but I did a lot more scanning than I intended to.  When I first started out I had my huge concordance next to me, bible laid out, ready to dig in.  But as the months wore on I always seemed to be trying to catch up.  Being a young mom with a busy busy kid, another kid part time, and a husband who doesn't always (just being honest) help out around the house kind of puts a kink in the luxury of sitting down to study every day.  Now, I do have a set time of during nap time that is my goal to read, but life is life and that doesn't always work out.  But I'm  done and I've got mental bookmarks of places I want to go back and read slower.  Plus my friend Michelle let me borrow a book of 5 minute bible studies that she said is really good.  Yay for not feeling pressured to keep on top of one more thing!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Luke looks in the swing picture! I can just hear those giggles!! Precious!

~Luke's Nana~