Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oooo boy, I'm getting creative with the titles today!  This morning Luke slept in until 8:15.  Wahooo!  That was especially nice since I stayed up late completing two orders and then lost a couple of more hours of sleep to allergies.  Darn you allergies and a climate outside perfectly conducive to growing all kinds of fungus.

I'm being serious.  I found these outside this morning.  With about 4 other friends.  More on that in a minute.

Anyway, I got up, fixed the boy some breakfast and jumped in the shower cause we had places to go!  It was birthday party time again.  And today's adventure was at Going Bonkers!  Ug.  It's one of those places that people without kids poke fun of and look down upon (much like the dreaded Chuck E. Cheese) but people with kids have resigned themselves to for the sake of their kids.  Because people with kids know you will do absolutely anything to give your sunshine the time of their life.  And for some reason Going Bonkers! does that.  So we got ready quickly so that I would have time to photograph  one of my orders and swing by the cleaners to mail it (yes, there is an official post office in the cleaners up  the street, it's the most convenient).  I TOLD Luke to stay inside while I took a few quick pictures, but did he listen?  No.

Like my flowers?  The only ones I planted at the beginning of the summer are the small pink and white ones in the very bottom middle.  Where did the other ones come from?  Good question.  I'm guess seeds from what I planted last year.  But they sure are pretty!

So we got fixed up, mailed out, and on to Going Bonkers!  What is Going Bonkers! you ask?  It's a place that looks like this on the inside.

Think fast food playground times 100.  And I was pretty sure Luke would have nothing to do with it.

(p.s.- those are strangers)
I was  right.  He spent most of his time walking around, watching the people play, pushing the buttons on the arcade games, and being held.  By me.  I tried to get him onto the equipment, but he just got panicky and shook his head "no no no no no no".  Eh.  It's just a giant germ fest anyway.  On the plus side, we got a good picture together

and we got to have cake!  We were home by noon, where we had a lazy afternoon.  Well, lazy after the nap.  We came in and I tried to give him a substantial lunch (I didn't think cake for a meal would earn me any good mom points) and he had such a horrific melt down I just stuck him in bed.  But after that we were good.  Tonight I had a pretty bad tummy ache, and my sweet sweet boy came and sat by me on the floor and pet my hair.  *sniff sniff*  I love him.

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Lucy Marie said...

I totally want to go play at that place. We have a similar place called Little Goobers but it's not quite as intense as what that one looks like. P.S. No baby :)