Friday, September 3, 2010

Lesson not learned

This morning at about 10:30 my friend Brandy sent out a text that she was going to the park and would love the company.  Tamara and I rose to the occasion, and we all met at the park.  They drove and, get this, I WALKED.  That's right.  I packed my baby up in a stroller (Kayden was home with Grandma cause Ashley got her wisdom teeth out today) and we walked up to the park.  It only took about 15 minutes and it was a BEAUTIFUL day.  A little windy, but that's what kept us cool.  Anyway, I was so proud of myself for taking the initiative and walking up there.  Once we were there what did Luke want to play with?  His stroller.  He pushed it all around in the grass.  When he got annoyed that it would roll right on the uneven ground, he came and sat on the bench with us gals while we gabbed.  I tried and tried to get him to go play with Jayden and Zane.  Nope.  Would have no part of it.  Finally we went over to the swing and, I'm not even kidding, I pushed him on the swing for 45 minutes.  I think I may have tennis elbow tomorrow.  When I forced him off the swing, he STILL wouldn't have anything to do with the playground.  I even tried bribing him with a chip, and after much pouting climbed up the stairs, went across the bridge and back, then down the stairs and was done with it.  Who in the world has heard of a little boy who doesn't love the playground?!

Oh lordy, the funniest thing happened while we were there though.  We were getting ready to leave when another mom with three kids showed up.  The mom and oldest boy were behind us trying to fly a kite when the little boy and little girl came walking past us to get to the playground.  As he passed the little boy asked us, as cheerful and carefree as you could ever imagine, "Are ya'll strangers?!"  Oh man, we busted out laughing.  Then he said "I wonder if ya'll are the good or the bad kind of strangers.  I'm not supposed to talk to strangers!"  It was hysterical.  Then the little girl stopped and was watching Jordyn sleep in Tamara's arms.  She yelled over to her mother "Hey Mom!  I'm gonna watch this stranger's baby sleep okay!"  I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.  It was very obvious they had just gotten the stranger danger talk, and apparently taken it to heart.  And I thought Luke gave me a run for my money!

We didn't get home from the park until 1, when I forced a fast lunch down the boy and stuck him in bed.  I finished up an order that I wanted to get mailed out today, and when he woke up we headed out to do some errands.  The day was wrapped up with pizza at Palio's for dinner.  Mmm mmm mmmmmm.

Hey look!  No pictures today!  Well, actually I did snap a few of Luke looking out the window this morning all forlorn and pathetic, like all he wants to do is go outside but the evil lady in charge won't let him.  I'm just too lazy to download the pictures.

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