Saturday, September 18, 2010

Field Trip: A Trip to the Field

To Cowboy's field that is, at the new Cowboys Stadium.  That's what I did today.  Somehow I let my family convince me to go and tour this place....something I never thought I would do. 

It started out okay.  Luke immediately found the biggest tv on the planet.  Have you heard?  Like, for serious, it's the biggest there is.  Luke was thrilled.

There were also some cheerleaders hanging out on the famous star, so after much begging I let Luke get his picture taken with them. 

Just kidding.  It was my idea and he is SOOOOOOOOOO going to love me in 15 years.  And besides, he's gotten a big jump start on me.  I didn't get my picture on the big famous star until high school. 

That's me right at the top tip of the white towel the person is waving.  What can I say?  High school foot ball is a huge deal in Texas.  (excuse the picture of a picture.  I have no scanner.)

There was a mariachi band there today.  Because who doesn't want to listen to that when touring a giant stadium for something so all-American?

I really wanted a picture with my boy on the 50 yard line.  Have I told you before how much Luke hates to take pictures on command?  Ergo, a fit ensued.

Who doesn't love a sister that keeps snapping away, even when the photographic moment has passed?

Finally we wandered off the field and into the locker room.  We actually got to go in both the player's AND the cheerleader's locker room, but I only got pictures of the players.  For some reason Ashley wanted her picture with these specific names. 

I wanted in on the fun, so I got my picture with one too.  I just picked a name.  And I picked a sport.  I'm sure this dude plays golf at some point. 

On our way out we went up to the concession stand deck, and got just a few more pictures.  Look at that giant baby in a tiny stadium! 

By then Luke and I were grumpy from too much walking and not enough food, so we left the stadium and went to eat.  Nothing like having lunch at 3:00 PM!  We dined at burger and ice cream joint and it was mmm mmm good.  So filling I'm skipping dinner tonight.  Seriously.  Belly=heavy with food.

But really folks,  it was a good day.  And I needed that.

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