Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Errands and a sweet boy

This morning I got out with the boys to do errands.  I needed some fabric from Hobby Lobby, and one our way in I realized something.  I had given Kayden his morning bottle and had totally forgotten to feed him a jar of food.  WHOOPS!  Who does that?!?!  (sorry Ashley, if you're reading)  He was a total trooper though, and didn't fuss or anything.  In fact, he dozed through most of the errands.  After Hobby Lobby we went to pay my AT&T bill,  then to Bath and Body Works to pick up a good fall smelling scented oil for my oil warmer.  Kayden was so out that I just held him cradle style in the store and had Luke follow me.  Luckily we were the only people in there and the girl working was SUPER nice to stand with me and open all the little bottles and hold them up to my nose so I could smell them since my arms were full of baby.  I'm sure we were a sight.  But I left happy with my purchase!  Then I swung into Which Wich to grab a free sandwich with a coupon mom had given me, and I needed an Oreo milkshake too.  Doesn't everyone need an Oreo milkshake at 10:45?  Mmm.  It was good to.  Luke tried to bat his little eyes for a sip but this momma wasn't sharing.  It was mine.  All mine. 

We got home, all had an early lunch, and all had an early nap.

As soon as I laid the boys down I laid down on the couch, and didn't get up till Luke was up (he was first today).  He walked into the living room and around the side of the couch where my head was.  Then my sweet sweet boy saw that I was sleeping, so he stroked my hair, patted my back, and kissed my shoulder.  I could have squeezed the stuffing out of him he was so precious.  I love that boy.

For dinner I really wanted to make baked potato soup, but when I ran it by Cody he thought I just said baked potatoes.  That's why there was a bit of confusion when he said he wanted chili.  And Fritos.  And chives.  And bacon bits.  When we finally got it all straightened out he said he still just wanted the baked potato with all those fixings, so that's what I made.  Plus some Texas Toast.  Plus a pickle spear.  It was a good dinner.  Really!


Lucy Marie said...

Please remind me to never let you babysit my child. ha ha ha! And, I loveeee loaded up baked potatoes.

Mandy said...

I know a secret :)